TGI Black Friday 2016

TGI Black Friday 2016 11.03

Find the best Black Friday deals


  • Great looking user interface
  • Offers from a wide range of stores


  • Sometimes the deals don't exist!


The TGI Black Friday app helps you find great bargains by tracking the top Black Friday deals at a wide range of different outlets.

The great looking TGI Black Friday is very well organized, making it easy to find offers on things you are interested in. The home page of the app displays the current most popular deals on one tab, and newest ads on another tab. Click on a product in TGI Black Friday and you'll be able to visit the shop for more details, email the link to the deal, or add it to your list of desired items.

You can also browse TGI Black Friday by store, by product, or by searching for something that you're interested in buying. Plenty of big name stores are supported by the app, including the likes of Toys R Us, Calvin Klein, Gamestop, JC Penney, KMart and Walmart.

On the downside, we did notice that the offers listed on the TGI Black Friday app aren't always consistent with the price advertised on the store site. This can get very annoying when you think you've spotted a bargain, only to be told that reduction doesn't exist.

There are plenty of great offers to be found using TGI Black Friday but you'll need some patience to double-check that the deals are real.

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TGI Black Friday 2016


TGI Black Friday 2016 11.03

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